The Global Sanctuary Movement

It is easily 90 degrees with near 100 percent humidity in the late afternoon heat of tropical peat swamps in Borneo. In the company of Dr. Biruté Galdikas, we move between research camps across the 960,000 acres of protected orangutan habitat within Tanjung Puting National Park, a sanctuary established by the Indonesian authorities in 1988 and co-managed by Dr. Galdikas, the park’s preeminent advocate and… Continue reading

A Tragedy for Humans and for Bears

The tragic death of a 39 year old bear trainer in Southern California on Earth Day underscores the broader fate of a magnificent mammal that once ranged across most of North America. First described in 1509, at a time when there might have been millions of grizzlies, based upon various estimates… Continue reading

Why Penguins Are More Important Than Ever
For the Average American

By Michael Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison

Several of the 17 species of penguin worldwide are in trouble: they face the very real possibility of extinction in this century. Most people love penguins. Therefore, most people are in trouble, goes the logic.

It may seem… Continue reading